October 22, 2006

Don't leave me alone

My Love sent me the Moby video, In this world in an email when he was still in NY. The video shows the story of the tiny green aliens with 'hello' signs who come down to earth (NYC) and walk around, but nobody sees them. You should check it out, it's sweet, touching, adorable. Could make you cry if you're in a certain state of mind..
Well, the thing is, my Love and I are now hooked to those little aliens. I have mentioned before that he was able to fly over to Amsterdam because he had to do some shows and last Friday was the first one during the Amsterdam Dance Event. The loving wifey that I am, I wanted to give him something for good luck. I know he carries around mascots/plushies that I made on stage when he performs, so what better to make then one of our new found friends from Moby's aliens??
Started out by looking at the video a couple of times and made some alien sketches. Next, I made a miniature version out of Playdoh clay. Because the clay doesn't harden, I folded a little box (plus topcover) to protect him. When my Love arrived, this was all that I could show him since the plush version wasn't done yet.
So when Friday came, I really had to get started. Love was doing his final rehearsals and I was franticly behind my sewingmachine. I was real happy to have it finished in time, although there is something I could have done better. I used some copper wire to make the feelers on his head stand up and I also used it to hold the sign up with. All sewing creatives out there know that an important part of thinking about how to make something, drawing up patterns, is to think ahead. Think Ahead. Ohoh, I was rushing so much that I forgot. So I made the sign not entirely to my liking. I know it won't hold up forever. Like I know not to attach anything that isn't tightly sewn secure on to it. Since my Love will carry it around Everywhere and will stuff it in his pockets (even though it's too large and won't fit), all things like buttons or glued items will come off. That's also why I had to sew on the eyes and the pupils. Which I could have done a better job on too. But let me not be too hard on myself. I got the best smile and hug from my Love when I arrived at the club and gave him the alien.

(PS while working on this craft project I found out that Moby did a sequel video with the aliens coming back to earth, this time with bigger signs and they do get noticed. It's called Sunday, the day before my birthday)

(PSPS I also sewn a Brooklyn patch on to his guitar bag. If you ever plan on doing this, Don't. You need to have a large area cleared out around your machine (which I hadn't), otherwise the bag will knock everything down. Second, to sew around the entire patch, you will have to turn the bag totally around while sewing, so at one point the whole thing has to move through the open area of the machine. = no fun. But the result was a happy husband who, after I told him how hard it was, looked at me with puppy eyes and asked "One a day maybe ?" He obviously has more patches...)


Anonymous said...

OMG, you rock! Is there anything you cannot do?

Funky Finds said...

So, so cute! What a sweet & wonderful idea!

Mod and Mint said...

Thank you, too kind..
I'm now working on taking off and fixing the Hello sign. Strengthen it a bit more so it stays up.

Anonymous said...

This plushie is seriously cute, you are so clever-your hubby is a lucky man.


realy nice!..great job..you must love ur b/f..

Wendz said...

This is the most beautiful thing to do.. I have bought my fabric and making one too for my daughter.. she always cries when she sees these aliens (she is 15) and we have an amazing relationship. I want to make her one to remind her that no matter where she is in this world, that I will never leave her alone.. Any hints and tips on a pattern?

Mod and Mint said...

Wendz, this doll was made like 5 years ago. I'm not even sure if i have the pattern somewhere still!
I was more into doll toy making back then and just kinda figured it out with lots of sketches.