February 20, 2007

Lotta cards

Vintage childrens postcard big eyed kids LottaWith my card collection i look for a certain style, a certain era of cards. I go for the vintage 60's 70's children's postcards.
I also like to look for specific illustrators from those times.
These four cards are by Lotta.
I like her drawings, her kids look so happy and sweet.

February 16, 2007

Interior Decorating of the 70's

70s home decor living dining room

with Amazement I'm flipping through the pages of my latest vintage thrift find.
A Dutch edition of "1601 Decorating ideas for modern living". Bare in mind 'modern' is published 1975. It's a yellow fabric covered hard bound book full of beautiful photographs and great ideas from past times.

I have a vintage wicker peacock chair like that! My parents bought it when they were decorating their first apartment.
The photo caption said (translated) "Not too high shelves and cupboards are used more often now, to divide large spaces in two. Here they also serve as support for the couch and the fold out table."

vintage 1970s home decor olivier mourgue

Photo caption translated "In the work of ground breaking designers the furniture, the use of space and the color scheme give us an impression of the future. 'Visiona 3' of Olivier Mourgue consists of living zones on different levels. A sleeping unit, bathroom unit, the lounge area and the kitchen can be placed where you want. The hanging closets (right) and the dividers can be moved along rails attached to the ceiling."
hihi. It gave us a great impression of the future. Who of us Doesn't live like this nowadays? ;)