February 20, 2007

Lotta cards

Vintage childrens postcard big eyed kids LottaWith my card collection i look for a certain style, a certain era of cards. I go for the vintage 60's 70's children's postcards.
I also like to look for specific illustrators from those times.
These four cards are by Lotta.
I like her drawings, her kids look so happy and sweet.


Anonymous said...

I don't know where you find these, so wonderfully unique and adorable, great cards!

Mod and Mint said...

Going through stacks of old cards in the thriftshop. Every now and then there's a true gem like one of these that makes my heart beat doubletime!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful cards! I remember them from when i was a baby!!! Anyway...I'm expecting a son in 8 weeks, and I would love to use the illustration on the bottom left (child inbetween flowers) as a birth-card. Would it be possible to scan and mail us the drawing (k.vaes@telenet.be). We will off course mention and praise the artist 'Lotta'! Thanx so much