December 18, 2008

Bookstore and Winner

Made a quick visit to Barnes & Noble today to pick up a christmas gift for my love. Wondered off to the crafts section and spotted my book on the shelves! It was a funny feeling seeing my work displayed. There were only 2 copies, did they stock only a few or did they flew off the shelves?

Speaking of my book, the giveaway has ended and a random number generator picked a winner! Comment number 19 is the lucky one: Catherine! I will send you an email to get your mailing address.

Those who didn't win, you can ofcourse get your copy at your local bookstore, or order it from my site and get a signed copy!

I miss Amsterdam

I love living in New York, but there are times i miss my old city. Maybe it has something to do with the holiday season that makes the missing even more. I miss Amsterdam with it's lovely canals and those gorgeous canal houses. I wish i could buzz myself over and have an afternoon with friends, drinking coffee, chatting away and walking through the city. Thinking about that gave me the inspiration to make some illustrations of those wonderful canal houses.

December 10, 2008

Bookrelease 100 applique motifs

I was thinking of doing some sort of virtual book release party here on my blog, but i wasn't really sure how to go about it and what to do and what not, so forget about it. It's here. It's out. My first book. In print. On the bookshelves. I'm doing a happy dance. I haven't stopped by the bookstore yet to spot my book, but i will do soon!

So what about a giveaway? Sounds good? Want to get a free signed copy of 100 applique motifs?

I'm not gonna make this hard for you. Leave a comment here to enter. If your write a little something on your blog (or myspace or what have you) about this giveaway or about the book and then leave a comment here, you'll get an extra entry in the drawing! Entries will close at Tuesday December 16th at midnight. Winner will be randomly picked and announced next week Wednesday! I'm sorry to say, but for now this giveaway is only for US addresses. (i promise, next giveaway will be international again)

November 19, 2008

Laundry Time!

Stella from the amazing Laundry blog has been so sweet to feature my shop and some of my items on her blog. I'm honored to be among the great products featured on Laundry! Thank you Stella!

November 05, 2008

Pretty Vintage Wrapping Paper

vintage yellow wrapping paper flowers circles
When i was near my favorite thrift store the other day, i had to make a quick visit.
vintage wrapping paper rainbows
Glad i did, i found a whole pack of vintage wrapping paper! A whole bunch for only 99 cent!
vintage wrapping paper umbrella
These pretty patterns are my favorites of the lot.

October 25, 2008

Colorful kids rooms from the 70's

Sharing some colorful inspiration today.
70s space age kids room decor
Springtime Room
70s smiley face room decor
The Smile Room
vintage childrens room decor
Hounds-tooth and Flowers Room

All photos from "Decorating your room - A Do-It-Yourself Guide" by Ellen Liman & Carol Panter 1974

October 23, 2008

Featured on Cuteable!

Today started with a very nice surprise: One of my felted cupcake cuties was featured on the Cuteable blog! Cuteable always has amazing finds so i'm thrilled to be placed in between such great items! It's a happy day!

October 17, 2008

Best fleamarket find ever

60s vintage mod fashion art ricky israel mary quant illustration poster
Sharing my best flea market find ever and i could use some help, so i have a question for you.
Last weekend i visited an amazing local flea market and found this pretty lady.
I knew i had to bring her home, because the moment i saw her, i saw all the homes i will live in the rest of my life, and in every one of those houses, she was on the wall! My heart was jumping up and down.
60s vintage mod fashion art mary quant illustration
She is terrific in her groovy sixties way, but she is also kind of a mystery to me.

Who created her? I am curious, i am in awe, i want to know, i want to google the illustrator, find more work.
The piece has been signed, i don't know the reason but it's actually signed upside down, the problem is that i can't seem to figure out what the signature spells out.

Does anyone know who the artist of this piece is? Or can you figure out what the signature says? Help!

October 03, 2008

Super Cute Kawaii!

I love features! And this one really made my day. Go visit the Super Cute Kawaii blog to read what Mar-C wrote about me and my shop. *I'm blushing*

My crafts in print!

I think yesterday was the best mail day ever! Ever. In my life. My publisher sent me the first advance copies of my craft book! "100 Applique motifs. Cute, creative ways to enjoy applique". It was such a long journey and seeing all that hard work all finished in print is so rewarding i don't even know how to express it.

There are different covers for different parts of the world. I'm still waiting to see one cover in person, but i bet i will love it as much as these two. I posted the first cover on my blog before and now i can reveal another one. I like them both, but i think this second one is a little bit more 'me'. Or maybe that's because it's new to me too. I'm not sure and it doesn't matter, since i adore them both the same. It was tough to design all projects but not designing the covers myself.

(from the back of the book:) 100 Applique Motifs
All the instructions, tips and super-cute patterns needed to create hundreds of projects.
Crammed with scores of easily transferable designs, 100 Applique Motifs allows you to customize everything from T-shirts and skirts to bed linens and bags, hats, neckties - even quilts!

From cute creatures to funky fruits, funny florals, adorable critters, retro motifs and "cutting edge" modern designs, you will find endless mix-and-match possibilities in 100 Applique Motifs, in addition to a full-range of stand-alone designs. Each applique motif is shown in full color, color wave (fabric selection), method of construction (including embellishment) and black-and-white illustration. Bonus gallery sections provide ways to mix and match the applique, in addition to extra project ideas, Additional sections include: tools and materials, tips and techniques, a design and pattern directory and an index.
No prior experience with applique required!

I hope that people will enjoy my book and all the projects and templates inside as much as i enjoyed putting it all together. If you want to pre-order your own signed copy, you can do that in my shop of course!

September 27, 2008

August 06, 2008

Crochet Pillows

round crochet pillows
Working hard pays off. These are just a couple of the crochet pillows i made. You don't see it in this photo, but they're all backed with vintage fabrics!

July 21, 2008

Floor Fan with a face Craft Tutorial

The work in progress that i posted yesterday turned into this. A floor fan with a face! Like pimp your fan. It is so hot in NY, enough with all the heatwaves already! So we bought another fan for our house. My Love is the best. Why? The first thing he said when i had assembled the fan was "You know it needs a face." I do. I know.
floor fan face drawing
This is what happened the next day. Obviously i hadn't found the time to make a face for the fan yet. So Love took it upon himself to use a sharpie and draw a face! He was trying to make a point here. Baby, please make a face for our fan. Ok, we're crazy like that.
upcycle recycle floor fan easy craft idea tutorial cute felt face applique
So easy-peasy, while watching a movie, the fan got a face. I know (or do i hope?) there are people out there who understand a fan needs a face. ;)
If you're anything like me and my Love and you want to give your fan a face, it's real easy.
Here is a fast "revamp your floor fan craft tutorial":
Dive into your fabric scrap stash, cut a circle as big as the plastic inner circle on the front of the fan. On most fans you can easily take this off, so trace around it for the right size. I used some embellishment glue to attach a white felt circle onto the plastic fan circle. Next i did a quick sketch of how i wanted the face to look like. I cut pieces of felt in the shape for the eyes, brows and mouth and used fabric glue to attach them to the main circle. Place the whole thing back onto the center of the fan and voila! A fan with a face.

I'm thinking of maybe even adding something to the actual fans inside. Not sure what that will do to the breeze, if anything. If i do expand this fan revamp, of course i'll show it here.

February 05, 2008

How To make: Heart Shaped Paperclips Tutorial

handmade easy craft tutorial valentines day heart paperclips
Ok, so i really was planning to take one or two photos of how to make these heart shaped paperclips. Only one or two since it is so easy to do. But just after i made this picture, my camera's battery decided it was time to stop working. So i'm sorry. A written tutorial explanation will have to do.

It's almost Valentine's day and i see so many loving crafts on blogs everywhere and i myself don't know where to find the time to dedicate craft time to Love Day.
Until i remembered this from back in high school. Or earlier. School days.
Too long ago.

Get yourself some paperclips. It will work with any paperclip, but i used red and whites since that would fit Valentines day the most. It is easier with somewhat easy to bend paperclips, but if you only have those grey iron office paperclips, it will work too, you just have to use a bit more force.
Train those finger muscles!

Hold the paperclip in between your thumb and pointer finger on both the long edges of the paperclip. Press your fingers together with the paperclip in between, thus bending the paperclip. Stop pressing when the paperclip reaches the desired shape.
It will already look somewhat like a heart but not completely. When you slide it on a paper with the heart part on front you will see the love!

My apologies for the dirty looking cutting board in the background of this photo. There's work going on here you know.