February 05, 2008

How To make: Heart Shaped Paperclips Tutorial

handmade easy craft tutorial valentines day heart paperclips
Ok, so i really was planning to take one or two photos of how to make these heart shaped paperclips. Only one or two since it is so easy to do. But just after i made this picture, my camera's battery decided it was time to stop working. So i'm sorry. A written tutorial explanation will have to do.

It's almost Valentine's day and i see so many loving crafts on blogs everywhere and i myself don't know where to find the time to dedicate craft time to Love Day.
Until i remembered this from back in high school. Or earlier. School days.
Too long ago.

Get yourself some paperclips. It will work with any paperclip, but i used red and whites since that would fit Valentines day the most. It is easier with somewhat easy to bend paperclips, but if you only have those grey iron office paperclips, it will work too, you just have to use a bit more force.
Train those finger muscles!

Hold the paperclip in between your thumb and pointer finger on both the long edges of the paperclip. Press your fingers together with the paperclip in between, thus bending the paperclip. Stop pressing when the paperclip reaches the desired shape.
It will already look somewhat like a heart but not completely. When you slide it on a paper with the heart part on front you will see the love!

My apologies for the dirty looking cutting board in the background of this photo. There's work going on here you know.


Anonymous said...

must go get pretty paperclips!

Anonymous said...

We have lots of heart-shape paperclips around our office (for when boredom strikes :))

Anastasia said...

these are TOO cute!!!