February 19, 2009

Shrinky Dink Charms and crafty afternoon

shrinky dink handmade craft charms cute kawaii
I was so in need of new inspiration and what better than nice company and new craft techniques? Yesterday i had the pleasure to visit the lovely Diana of Sweet Buddha Designs. We tried out my new Bind it All Machine (more on that in a later post) and she taught me how to make paper beads using embossing powder and a heat gun! You understand, now i want to get a heat gun!

Today was another new craft technique day, or better said, very old craft technique day. The mailman didn't only deliver an order of new wool felt for me this morning, he also had a package with Shrink Plastic for me! You might remember this from back in the day, i know i made shrinky dink charms as a little girl and today i gave it another try. You see the tiny charm in the middle, with the deer stamp on it? That was my first test piece. It's very cute, but i won't be able to use it as a charm, because obviously not only the design shrinks with heat, the hole that you would put a jump ring through also shrank! Now it's too tiny to put anything through... Always good to do a testpiece. I am a bit confused why with some pieces the white background turned out a bit yellowish, maybe i kept the charm in the oven too long? Anyone knows? Now that i have the shrink plastic i obviously have another reason to get that heatgun. I have a feeling that the way the pieces shrink is more controllable with a heatgun than in the oven. Especially since my oven doesn't have a front window, so i have to open it to check if the charm is ready..

I will try out some things to get some kind of (glossy) seal on the charms. I don't really like the feel of the charms as they are now. Strange, i remember the shrinkies from the past being very smooth. Maybe the ones that you can't run through your printer still are? Got some research to do.

February 09, 2009

My almost Martha Stewart Adventure

My almost Marthe Stewart Adventure involves bunnies. Cute bunnies. Drawstring bag bunnies.
If you have been following my blog for awhile, you probably know i'm not one to be overly excited about things when they are not yet sure to happen. In this case that was a good thing. All though i must say i did have some butterflies in my stomach.
What happened?
Well, i was contacted by one of the producers of the Martha Stewart show! To possibly do a craft on the show! Next to Martha! Whoooo. You understand, even if something like that isn't sure to happen, you will get excited about the thought.
There were some doubts in my mind though. Was i ready? Guess i could be. Who am i to think i could teach Martha something? Well, we would together be teaching the audience something. Was my craft good enough? I think it was, but then again, it didn't feel 100% right. You know, if you ever come on the Martha Stewart show, you want to be on with something you totally love yourself too, that represents you to the fullest.

We, the producer and i, had discussed a couple of possible craft projects and ended up with a variation on my furry drawstring bags. I transformed and updated the design a bit and turned them in a perfect Easter craft; drawstring bunny bags! Perfect to keep your eggs warm at Easter breakfast or to fill up with Easter candy as a treat bag. I also had to do a video tutorial so the producers could see how the project (and myself) would come across on camera. Then the wait began. Unfortunately this morning i got the news my bunny bags won't make it onto the show. Not because they don't love them, or not want to work with me, but just because it didn't fit the schedule/their plans for the season at this time or something. Hm. Too bad. But we're in contact. So you never know what the future might bring.
What is sure, is that i will post the video how-to tutorial of the bunny bags on my blog when Easter is a bit near. So if you love them, you will be able to make your own!

And they are not the only one re-thinking things, i have been pondering the whole second Etsy shop thing and i came to the conclusion that i would rather just place everything in my original first Etsy shop. So i'm currently transferring all items. If you have hearted items from my new shop and can't find them anymore, pls check the other shop, if it hasn't sold, it is probably there! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Now i'm off to file my and my husbands taxes. Keep your fingers crossed for some sort of a refund!