June 05, 2009

Fancy Fluff - 60's hairstyles

60s hairstyles tutorial
Get your rollers out and get your hair in a Fancy Fluff!
60s hair styles how to
Admit it, You've been dreaming about a curly hairdo...
If not, you will be after seeing these photos!
1960s hairstyles scatterperm
Vintage Scatterperm booklet now in my Etsy shop! Sold!


Becca said...

I think they should keep naming hairstyles, and not after the women who first wore them, like instead of calling it the Jennifer Anniston, they should call it, The meet your friends for drinks cut..or something like that :)

CandiWare said...

I agree Becca, the hairstyles where soo cool like that but all the time my god.

billabong bag said...

really cool clothes back then