October 03, 2009

Paint Power in Yellow

yellow vintage 70s home decor
From 1,001 decorating ideas book 33 1970

Brush-On Paint Design
Forget about decorating with wallpaper, pictures and mirrors. Open your eyes - and your mind - to painted wall designs, as designer Lawrence Peabody did here. Notice how the free-form supergraphic on wall flows right onto the conversational seating arrangement.

This room makes me very happy. Yellow as the sun. And it looks like the couch is supersoft! I would love to lay down on a velvet coach. Anything soft is good in my book. As a little girl i often walked around with cotton balls in my hand, just to feel that softness. Weird? Not to me.

And the fact that Mr. Lawrence Peabody painted the wall makes the room even more special. One of the most prominent home furnishings designers of the last half of the 20th century. The daughter of late Mr. Peabody once said his mission in life was to beautify everything. I feel that.


The Perfectionist said...

We are having our house painted, I CHOOSE YELLOW! It's so warm and inviting!

Gracie said...

Yellow is a great colour. Though I'm not so good with bright colours. Thanks for your comment and your support =)

Geek+Nerd said...

That room is awesome - I love that sectional!