October 25, 2009

How to make a fake fur stole wrap

fake fur stole wrap sewing tutorial
Let me start by saying this, i think you could wear an elegant short faux fur cape every day. But since we're nearing Halloween this tutorial might come especially in handy. You have this wonderful costume but you don't want to completely cover it with a jacket?
Whip up a stylish stole! Quick and easy!

What you need:
Faux fur (39" or 98cm by 12" or 30cm)
Lining fabric (39" or 98cm by 12" or 30cm)< Piece of Velcro (1.5" or 4cm) Pretty brooch (optional) You don't need any special patterns, you can measure, draw and cut the needed pieces directly on the (wrong side) of the fabric. Now call upon your inner Tim Gunn and make it work! Since i adore everything that is soft, i went for pink fleece for the lining. Of course you can use pretty smooth and shiny lining fabric! - Do a "test wrap": Place the two pieces of fabric on top of each other(wrong sides facing) and locate where you want the cape to close, that's where you need to put the pieces of Velcro. On your right side it will be somewhere on top corner of the (right side) of the faux fur. On your left side it will be somewhere on the top corner of the (right side) of the lining fabric. Mark these locations with a pin. Note: Keep a 0.5" or 1cm seam allowance in mind! Don't place the Velcro too close to the edge of the fabric.

- Sew the Velcro pieces where you just placed the marks. (i used some pink Velcro, since it matches my stole, but the color doesn't really matter)
- Pin both pieces of fabric (faux fur and lining) on top of each other, right sizes facing. Make sure the pieces of Velcro are on the same long edge on opposite sides.
- Sew all the way around, leaving an opening of approx 6" or 15cm to turn inside out later.
- Cut of the corners.

- Turn the cape inside out through the seam opening and sew the opening shut.
- Wrap the cape around you and pin the brooch on the faux fur where the two corners come together. The brooch won't be what keeps the cape wrapped, the Velcro will do this. The brooch is purely for decoration.

Voila! Enjoy your stole wrap!
Oh, i got to mention this in case you don't realize this already, pattern for non-commercial use only.

October 03, 2009

Paint Power in Yellow

yellow vintage 70s home decor
From 1,001 decorating ideas book 33 1970

Brush-On Paint Design
Forget about decorating with wallpaper, pictures and mirrors. Open your eyes - and your mind - to painted wall designs, as designer Lawrence Peabody did here. Notice how the free-form supergraphic on wall flows right onto the conversational seating arrangement.

This room makes me very happy. Yellow as the sun. And it looks like the couch is supersoft! I would love to lay down on a velvet coach. Anything soft is good in my book. As a little girl i often walked around with cotton balls in my hand, just to feel that softness. Weird? Not to me.

And the fact that Mr. Lawrence Peabody painted the wall makes the room even more special. One of the most prominent home furnishings designers of the last half of the 20th century. The daughter of late Mr. Peabody once said his mission in life was to beautify everything. I feel that.