November 07, 2009

Color Coordinate and Organize your Closet Space

vintage decor storage closet organization
Vintage Woman's Day July 1969

from the article 100 ways to stretch your storage space

Ok, let's be honest. I want this closet. With all its boxes and clever storage tricks. I want all my closets to look like this. Maybe go a little crazy and pick different color themes for different closets. How i dream to be so stylish and organized!

So what are we learning here? If you have a closet with a bit of room inside, you can do like they did back then, build a frame-and-shelf unit and nail it to the door. A strip of lattice is attached to shelf edges to keep things from sliding off.

And how clever, they clipped painted metal bookends to the door to keep rolls of gift wrap organized! One thing i ask myself when, in my mind, i'm already getting my toolbox out, i wonder where i would ever find those triangle book ends!

vintage kitchen storage ideas
Oh, here you go, The Kitchen. Tell me you love it.

Hey wasn't putting empty baby food jars under shelfs a big hit like, last year in the crafting blogs? T
hey were already doing the exact same thing, screwing the lids to the shelf, in 1969!
For the record, i'm not hating, if i had a shelf and a collection of babyfood jars, i would want to make that set up too.

I also like the blue baskets holding the utensils on the left very much, they are set on dowels drilled into pine strips. What? Don't ask me, i'm just reading to you what it says in the magazine.. Continue. Dowel ends are finished with wooden knobs.

I must say, their use of color is sublime. You can love it or hate it, but back then they knew what to do with color.
Put it everywhere!