December 05, 2010

Vintage ornaments in the Christmas tree

Vintage christmas tree topper angel
It's always a happy moment when the time comes to unpack the holiday decorations. Of course our Christmas tree is entirely decorated with vintage ornaments.
Vintage christmas tree ornaments kneehugger deer
And if you do it, do it well and go for it. I went for the more the merrier!
Vintage christmas ornaments
Anyone walking past our christmas tree, quickly discovers a personal favorite.
Vintage christmas ornaments
Will it be the angel, next to the 3D indent ornament?
Vintage wooden christmas ornaments rocking horse
Or does your heart go to one of the wooden figurines on a rocking horse?
Vintage christmas ornaments reindeer angels
And there are some angels and reindeer that made themselves a home underneath the tree.
They are all so cheerful to be out of their boxes and they hope it will be a long time until they get stored away again for the next holiday season.

September 08, 2010

Vintage Decor - Bedrooms from the 70's

vintage 1970s bedroom decor pink
Decorating in the 1970s was all about using patterns.
Patterns everywhere and all over!
vintage 1970s orange bedroom decor
Funky patterns and outrageous colors were a big hit.
The more patterns the better!
vintage 70s bedroom flower pastel decor
Don't bump into the wall while trying to get into your bed!
I love that fabric. Am wondering if they put fabric on the wall or they had wallpaper in that same pattern.

Scanned from interior decorating magazines from the 70s.

July 13, 2010

I can do Anything... Almost

vintage childrens wonder book cover
If you have visited the vintage childrens book section in my shop, you know i have a lot of wonderful treasures. But there are also those that i just can't part with. Those that will stay here in my personal collection.
There’s just something about the style of illustrations that just makes me go awww..

Like this one. "I can Do Anything... Almost". A 1963 Wonder book written by Virginia Hartman with amazingly cute illustrations by Betty Murtagh.
I also love the fact it has a sweet handwritten Happy Birthday note in the front cover, to Pam from her Sunday School Teacher, dated september 1973.
vintage kids book illustration swing
Here are some of my favorite pages from the book.
I can swing up in the sky.
I can catch a butterfly.
I can do anything... almost

vintage childrens book illustration camping
I can carry our Scotty dog.
I can lift a heavy log.
I am very strong... almost.

vintage childrens book illustration toys
I can say my ABC's
And i can count to ten.
I always ask for things with "please"
Except when i forget again.
Mother says i am an angel... almost.

Here is my name that i can write.
Here is a story to read tonight.
I can read it by myself... almost.

vintage childrens book illustration bedtime sleep
When day is done and prayers are said,
It's seven o'clock and time for bed.
Then i go to sleep by myself... almost.

February 12, 2010

Mr. Adrian Pearsall

vintage 70s home decor craft adrian pearsall
I found this add for the Craft Furniture Company in 1,001 Decorating Ideas Magazine, the winter edition of 1971.
Roomy and Deliciously colorful. Craft furniture is a slice of life. An environment so warm so inviting, you just can't help feeling sociable at all times.

The ad shows the "Suspension Group". 19 Correlated pieces designed to give dozens of different decorating ideas.

Mister Adrian Pearsall has designed a number of chairs and sofas that i can only dream about.
Mr. Pearsall is known for his innovative designs, including the popular beanbag chair. He was the designer and owner of Craft Associates. The company was founded in 1952 and he made it a big success. He also helped young John Graham to start Comfort Designs. He sold Craft in 1969 to the Lane Company and left in 1972 to become a partner in Comfort Designs. I can only imagine what a big inspiration he was to work for, and since many of his previous employees came with him from Craft to Comfort i think i'm right. He retired from the business in the late 90s.

I'm trying to look into his eyes in the picture. He must have been going through a lot with selling his company and starting up a new one, but still working for his old company, just no longer being the boss. This ad was from that time. Was he happy doing this ad? Did he have anything to say about it? I hope so. I hope he felt good about it.

January 28, 2010

Vintage Melamine or Melmac

Vintage pastel melamine dishes
Before i really started selling vintage items and doing lot of research i used to call melamine dishes, 'those lovely hard plastic dishes from the 50's'.
Then when i found some for my own kitchen and started looking around to find out what the marks on the bottom of my pieces meant, i came across the names 'Melmac' and 'Melamine' a lot. I thought it to be weird for something to have two names.
Vintage brown pink melamine cups saucers
After research a bit more i quickly discovered Melmac is just one of the brands, maybe the most well known, of Melamine resin dishes. I also noticed that a lot of online melamine shop listings are being described as Melmac, when in fact they are not.
In my treasure hunts so far i came across Melmac, Mar-Crest Melmac, Boontonware, Oneida, Spaulding Ware, Prolon, OD ware, and some mysterious unmarked pieces. All Melamine, not all Melmac.
Vintage mustard yellow melamine dishes
Melamine was first introduced in the 1940s, a material with a glossy finish and in a wide range of stunning colors.
During the late 1950s and 1960s melamine tableware became highly fashionable for its affordability, durability and style.

Melamine dishes are easy to use and easy to clean with no worries about breakage.
Even though its basically unbreakable and resistant to odor absorption, it is prone to scratches (that's one of the reasons melamine went out of style during the 70's).
A lot of old pieces have some usage wear to them. Even greater the joy when you find pieces that are in great condition! I have heard about fixing scratches with Plastic Polish, all though i haven't tried that myself (yet).
Vintage pink melamine dishes
Final note, love your vintage melamine and care for it, don't put it in the microwave or dishwasher. There are people who do, and if it works, good for you, but i wouldn't risk or recommend it.

Melamine dishes are perfect to bring along on a picnic and very convenient for families with young children. And for us, of whatever age, with a definite love for pretty vintage housewares. A set of Melamine in your kitchen really brings out that retro feel!

(ps click the images to go to the shop listings if you want flaunt some melamine dishes in your own kitchen)

January 11, 2010

Vintage Harlequin Romance Magazines

vintage harlequin romance illustration woman
I am Ismoyo and i admit. I enjoy reading Harlequin romance novels from time to time. Especially during these cold wintermonths.
Just recently i came across a box of Vintage Harlequin Magazines. I knew about the small paperback books, but never before knew there were magazines too.
What is an added bonus are the wonderful (cover) illustrations accompanying the short stories and full length novel inside.
vintage 70s harlequin romance illustration woman
PS if you share my love for romantic stories, there are some of these wonderful Harlequin Magazines from the 70's available in my shop! (and more to come)