February 12, 2010

Mr. Adrian Pearsall

vintage 70s home decor craft adrian pearsall
I found this add for the Craft Furniture Company in 1,001 Decorating Ideas Magazine, the winter edition of 1971.
Roomy and Deliciously colorful. Craft furniture is a slice of life. An environment so warm so inviting, you just can't help feeling sociable at all times.

The ad shows the "Suspension Group". 19 Correlated pieces designed to give dozens of different decorating ideas.

Mister Adrian Pearsall has designed a number of chairs and sofas that i can only dream about.
Mr. Pearsall is known for his innovative designs, including the popular beanbag chair. He was the designer and owner of Craft Associates. The company was founded in 1952 and he made it a big success. He also helped young John Graham to start Comfort Designs. He sold Craft in 1969 to the Lane Company and left in 1972 to become a partner in Comfort Designs. I can only imagine what a big inspiration he was to work for, and since many of his previous employees came with him from Craft to Comfort i think i'm right. He retired from the business in the late 90s.

I'm trying to look into his eyes in the picture. He must have been going through a lot with selling his company and starting up a new one, but still working for his old company, just no longer being the boss. This ad was from that time. Was he happy doing this ad? Did he have anything to say about it? I hope so. I hope he felt good about it.


Anonymous said...

Amiable post and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you on your information.

victoria said...

I would love that couch/sofa and also would love to have carpet that color!! So happy!

jumpin jaxs said...

wow! after hours of researching...ive finally identified our couches as this particular set. inherited through a friend, i knew its unique design could only be one of a kind. funny, we thought the ottoman was the coffee table! its great to have access to the original ad so we know how to bring it back to spec.

Mod and Mint said...

Really Greybear? I'm so jealous that you actually have this set! Thanks for sharing your story and i'm glad i could give you this information through my blog!