July 13, 2010

I can do Anything... Almost

vintage childrens wonder book cover
If you have visited the vintage childrens book section in my shop, you know i have a lot of wonderful treasures. But there are also those that i just can't part with. Those that will stay here in my personal collection.
There’s just something about the style of illustrations that just makes me go awww..

Like this one. "I can Do Anything... Almost". A 1963 Wonder book written by Virginia Hartman with amazingly cute illustrations by Betty Murtagh.
I also love the fact it has a sweet handwritten Happy Birthday note in the front cover, to Pam from her Sunday School Teacher, dated september 1973.
vintage kids book illustration swing
Here are some of my favorite pages from the book.
I can swing up in the sky.
I can catch a butterfly.
I can do anything... almost

vintage childrens book illustration camping
I can carry our Scotty dog.
I can lift a heavy log.
I am very strong... almost.

vintage childrens book illustration toys
I can say my ABC's
And i can count to ten.
I always ask for things with "please"
Except when i forget again.
Mother says i am an angel... almost.

Here is my name that i can write.
Here is a story to read tonight.
I can read it by myself... almost.

vintage childrens book illustration bedtime sleep
When day is done and prayers are said,
It's seven o'clock and time for bed.
Then i go to sleep by myself... almost.