October 29, 2011

Went to Amsterdam and Thrifted

packed suitcase thrifting toys
Who needs clothes when you can fill a suitcase with vintage treasures? I did use a few pieces of clothing as safety wrapping for some breakables. But this was my suitcase a few days ago after my trip to Amsterdam.
There are some vintage items that will stay here in my personal collection, but most will go up in the shop. There are some great finds in there. Will show some of them soon. For now i'll share some pictures of thrifting treasures that i did not bring.
mid century mod vintage table thrift store
This table only needs a little TLC and it would be a prize possession! Look at that shape! And those legs! And how those drawers open! If it could only have fit in my suitcase...
vintage rocking horses thrift store
Even though i have no kids i would display a rocking horse like one of these in my living room. Not sure about their age, the one in the middle looked the oldest. I should have turned around that blue one in the back, it was an wooden rocking elephant!
dutch delftware delft blue dishes antique store
In a small antique shop just outside Amsterdam i found this table full of old Delftware pieces. So typical Dutch! I do have an appreciation for pretty Delft's Blue, but it's not totally my style and the breakable risk is high, so none of these finds went in my suitcase. (although i was walking around with the kissing couple figurine for a while before i decided against it and put it back)
antique olland grocery store scale
Only in my dreams would this huge shop scale fit in my suitcase and be under the airlines luggage weight limit.
antique vintage childrens books bookcase
My heart skipped a beat when i stood in front of this huge bookcase filled with antique children's books. No matter which one i pulled out, each one had amazing cover art. Again, that stupid airline luggage weight limit! Books are heavy. Oh the choices to make...
vintage enamel kitchen burners pots flea market
How do you call these? Vintage kitchen burners? To keep the food in your pots and pans warm, or a kettle of tea. There where many. Too many to choose from. I left them for someone else to find.
vintage enamel brabantia orange thrift shop
Dutch orange enamel Brabantia kitchenware always makes me happy. I would have emptied out this shelf was it not that this was on my last thrifting day and my suitcase was already pretty much full.

So far for my 'What-i-did-not-thrifted' pictures. But right now, next to me, on and around my desk are loads of wonderful thrift scores i did bring. All waiting to be photographed. Hoping for clear skies tomorrow so i can start and share!

October 10, 2011

He said sorry but I loved it - a vintage faucet story

vintage ceramic bathroom shower faucets
For awhile our shower faucets knobs had been leaking.
Finally we had enough of it and asked our super to take a look and see if he could fix it. The super is a sweetheart but he almost only speaks Spanish and i don't get much further than Cómo estás? Him and me talking is mostly a lot of laughing and hand gestures. Pointing to the leaking faucets knobs he said "yes, yes" he could fix it. He would replace them. I let him do his job and after a little while he called me to show his work. He had some sort of embarrassed grin on his face while saying "Fixed!" And making a semi proud tada!-gesture. I looked at the shower. No more leaks and gorgeous old porcelain faucets handles!
He said "Sorry... old faucets", but I loved them. I think he didn't understand, had a confused look and kept saying "sorry, old, old". I kept saying "its ok, bueno, bueno".
He left and I was a happy puppy.
Until the next day. Now it was the shower that was leaking. Time to call in the plumber.
He came in, took one look, and straight away wanted to break open the entire wall to replace those old faucet handles. Oh no! "I would like to keep those. I like them." The plumber looked even more confused them the super did. Wasn't my 40's hairdo styled in victory rolls sign enough to know I like things from the past? I didn't want an entire bathroom redo, and definitely didn't want to loose my beloved new old faucets! Eventually he fixed it by just putting new rubbers in. I saved our landlord a big plumber bill and my faucet handles are still in. Love! Ready to take a bath tonight. Oh yeah 3 cold 1 hot. I don't care. Adds to their character! I know there must be people out there who understand. Vintage porcelain shower faucet knobs are much better than new and chrome.

September 15, 2011

Antiques Picking and Pawning TV Shows

Vintage rca color television
Reality shows on Antiques, Thrifting, Vintage Buying and Selling Collectibles on Auctions on television are plentiful right now.

The Antiques Roadshow is the staple and American Pickers opened doors (thank you Mike Wolfe for diligently shopping your show idea). There are so many shows right now and more coming soon, that it is time for a rundown list plus links where you can watch the show episodes online.

American Pickers Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz travel the country to rummage through the contents of garages, attics and barns hunting for antique treasures to sell in their shop. Currently in their fifth season on the History Channel.
Full episodes American Pickers

Canada has the Canadian Pickers, Sheldon Smithens and Scott Cozens.
Full episodes Canadian Pickers.

And recently Aussie Pickers,Lucas Callaghan and Adam McDonald, hit the air with their show in Australia.
Full episodes Aussie Pickers.

England has their version in Salvage Hunters. Discovery Channel has added the show to their line up. First season has aired in most of Europe. Currently scheduled to air in the US, no date yet. The show follows Drew Pritchard, a modern-day treasure hunter, as he and his team searches the U.K. to discover hidden riches. Very much in the style of American Pickers.
Some full episodes Salvage Hunters

UK's Channel 4 has Four Rooms. A show where people who believe they have a valuable artifact get a chance to sell it to four of the country's leading buyers, getting offers one by one. But, once they turn down an offer, there's no going back... Just finished their third season.
Full episodes Four Rooms

Hardcore Pawn is about the Gold family running the biggest baddest pawn shop in the heart of Detroit, one of America's most troubled cities. Seventh season currently on TruTv.
Full episodes Hardcore Pawn

The Travel Channel has aired two seasons of a tv show about airport baggage auctions, Baggage Battles. Think “Storage Wars” only with lost baggage.
Full episodes Baggage Battles

American Digger is a show on Spike TV. Modern day relic hunter Ric Savage uncovers hidden treasure found in the backyards of everyday Americans. The show changed names for their second season, now called Savage Family Diggers.
Full episodes Season 1 American Digger
Full episodes Season 2 Savage Family Diggers

Lara Spencer, host of the Insider and Goodmorning America also is an owner of an antique shop. Her show Flea Market Flip just had a second season on HGTV. Contestants scour fleamarkets for items they can buy, fix and then flip for a higher sum. HGTV had previously aired a pilot with Lara Spencer under the name I Brake For Yard Sales. This show where she hunts for treasures to redecorate homes of her friends, didn't make it into a full show.
Full episode I Brake For Yard Sales
Full episodes Flea Market Flip

Cash & Cari features the lovely Cari Cucksey hosting estate sales and upcycling old furniture. In the third season on HGTV.
Full episodes Season 1 Cash & Cari
Some full episodes Season 2 Cash & Cari

Antiques Roadshow was introduced by PBS back in 1997 (original English version airing on the BBC from 1979). Hopefuls bring their family heirlooms in hope of getting a jackpot appraisal.
Full episodes Antiques Roadshow

PBS goes antique hunting in their reality antiques competition series, Market Warriors. From the producers of the Antiques Roadshow. 4 Antiques dealers hunting vintage valuables that can be sold for profit at auction. The dealer whose item snares the biggest profit at auction wins.
Full episodes Market Warriors

Pawn Stars shows the pawn business at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. Three generations of the Harrison family jointly run the family business, and there's clashing and camaraderie every step of the way. On the History Channel since 2009.
Full episodes Pawn Stars

Cajun Pawn Stars, a Southern spin off of Pawn Stars, set at a pawn shop in Louisiana so far had two seasons on the History Channel.
Full episodes Cajun Pawn Stars

Storage Wars follows teams of bidders looking to score it big in the high stakes world of storage auctions. In fourth season on A&E.
Full episodes Storage Wars

A Texas version of Storage Wars called Storage Wars: Texas also airs on A&E. New group of bidders and auctioneer.
Full episodes Storage Wars: Texas

Auction Hunters Allen Haff and Clinton Jones buy abandoned storage units to find treasures to sell. So far had four seasons on Spike TV.
Full episodes Auction Hunters

Storage Hunters former boxer Brandon Bernier and his wife Lori are fierce competitors in the storage auctions. They go head-to-head with hostile locals and risk a fortune.
Full episodes Storage Hunters

Hollywood Treasure hunted for showbiz and pop culture memorabilia. An inside view from the life of Joe Maddalena, owner of Profiles in History and the world's largest auctioneer of original movie, television and pop culture relics.
Second season aired on Syfy.
Full episodes Season 1 Hollywood Treasure
Full episodes Season 2 Hollywood Treasure

Auction Kings auctioneer Paul Brown, owner at Gallery 63 in Atlanta shows how things are done behind the scenes at an auction gallery. Recently finished their fourth season on Discovery Channel.
Full episodes Auction Kings

Travel Channel has a show called Toy Hunter. Toy dealer and ultimate toy hunter, Jordan Hembrough, takes toy picking to a new level.
Full Episodes Toy Hunter

The BBC has been airing antiques show for as long as i can remember. One of their classic antique shows is Bargain Hunt, a show in which two pairs of contestants are challenged to buy antiques at a fair and then sell them in an auction for a profit. On air since 2000 and currently in their 34th (!) season.
Some full episodes Bargain Hunt.
Full episodes Bargain Hunt in Australia

Canceled or ended series

NBC jumped on the success of the collectibles tv shows with It's Worth What? A game show hosted by Cedric the Entertainer where contestants guess the value of objects found. The show has been cancelled after its first season on air.
Full episodes It's worth what?

The Endless Yard Sale is a yearly flea market event around which HGTV does a treasure hunting competition show each year. 3 Teams of shoppers, two days and $1,000 each to bargain hunt. 2011 Episode was hosted by Cari Cucksey and Kim Myles.
Full episode HGTV Endless Yard Sale 2011

Picked Off is a show from the makers of American Pickers, and hosted by former NFL player Keith Neubert. Four teams compete in three challenges, testing their treasure-digging talents to see who gets eliminated—"picked off"—and who remains and ends up with the biggest retail value and wins the grand prize of $10,000. Finished one season on the History Channel. Unknown if further episodes are planned to be aired.
Full episodes Picked Off

In Real Deal people bring their collectibles in front of dealers to try and negotiate a deal. The seller accepts the cash, or chooses to go to auction and potentially lose money or exceed the dealer's offer. Finished one season on the History Channel. No further episodes are planned to be aired.
Full episodes Real Deal

Final Offer four dealers will battle it out to bid and buy valuable antiques and rare collectibles. Finished one season on the Discovery Channel. Looks like no further episodes are planned to be aired.
Full episodes Final Offer

Buried Treasure Identical twin brothers Leigh and Leslie Keno, renowned antique experts and appraisers (also known from the Antiques Roadshow), traveled the country helping ordinary people find treasures right in their own homes. Fox cancelled the show after a 4 episode first season.
Full episodes Buried Treasure

Similar to Auction Kings is Sold!. Auctioneer Rick Bryant, at Bryant Auction in Missouri. First season aired on the History Channel. Unknown if there will be a second season.
Full episodes Sold!

Fashion Hunters was cancelled after one season on Bravo. The people of Second Time Around search the closets of New York's elite for designer fashions to sell in their consignment store in NY.
Full episodes Fashion Hunters

The Picker Sisters Tracy Hutson & Tanya McQueen crisscross America in search of materials to have recycled for their home decor pop-up shop. Just finished their first season on Lifetime. The Picker Sisters announced on their Facebook page that there are no plans to resurrect the show.
Full episodes Picker Sisters

Sport memorabilia fans would have liked Discovery Channel's All Star Dealers. The show followed the activity at Grey Flannel Auctions, a memorabilia dealer run by Richie Russek and his sons Michael and Darren. Finished the first season, no news yet on a possible second season.
Full episodes All-Star Dealers

HGTV aired two episodes of a first season of Pop Shop. Designers Alexis Hadjopulos and Tom Whitman transform rooms on a small budget with huge style using thrifted vintage furniture and one-of-a kind items. No news so far if more episodes will follow.
Full episodes Pop Shop

Dealers is like a mix between Four Rooms and Shark Tank. Sellers from all over the world bring their treasured possessions to be assessed by five international dealers. If the dealers like an item, they'll fight to try and buy it. First season was commissioned by the Discovery Channel, has not been renewed for a second season so far.
Full episodes Dealers

ABC ran a pilot of The Great American Auction December 2011. Hosted by Ty Pennington who traveled the country with a group of antique experts looking for items whose owners are in need of money and have no idea of the real value. The best items were brought to the studio auction to find high bidders. No news of this show being picked up and made into a series.
Full episode of The Great American Auction

The BBC aired a mini series called The 70s. Four episodes in which historian Dominic Sandbrook takes an eye opening and refreshing journey deep into Britain in the 1970s.
Full episodes The 70s

Another BBC mini series was a sort of spin off on their classic show Flog it and called Flog it Trade Secrets. The show gives a look at the art of the auctioneer and tips for buying and selling at auction.
Full episodes Flog it Trade Secrets

Another BBC antique show is Antiques Uncovered. Historian Lucy Worsley and antiques expert Mark Hill uncover the stories behind remarkable antiques and how they relate to our lives today. Looks like this was a one season show.
Full episodes Antiques Uncovered

Another UK show is The Reclaimers. How salvage dealers reclaim architectural antiques from buildings scheduled for demolition and sold to customers for use in their own homes. Unknown if there will be a second season.
Full episodes The Reclaimers
and more here

UK's ITV follows the daily lives of a couple of reclamation yards in Trash to Treasure. Documentary series of their fight for survival in the North West of England. Unknown if there will be a second season.
Full episodes Trash to Treasure

Dirty Money is show about two brothers, John and Jimmy DiResta, who turn NY dumpster-dive trash into works of art, and then sell them at flea markets and swap meets. Unsure if Discovery channel actually canceled the show, or if they are looking for a new time slot for upcoming episodes.
Full episodes Dirty Money

Natural Born Dealers has its first season on Discovery Channel Canada and on Planet Green under the name Born Dealers. Father and Son Pasternak are treasure hunters who scour Florida for vintage gems to flip to their upscale clients in their Antique and Unique warehouse in Maine.

The Flea Man Jim Kaplow helps families decipher if they have gold or garbage and teaches the tricks of the trade on how to sell at America’s Flea Markets. Show unfortunately has been canceled by National Geographic after 6 episodes.
Couldn't find full episodes online for the Flea Man, NatGeo has some clips from the show on the site.

Big Brian the Fortune Seller "Big Brian" Elenson and his company, 2muchstuff4me, helps homeowners to liquidate in a hurry. See the action packed estate sales to clear out homes in one day. TruTV canceled the show after its first season.
Full episodes Big Brian the Fortune Seller

BBC aired the Celebrity Antiques Road Trip. UK celebs team up with antique experts. Two teams in vintage cars on a cross country antique buying challenge. Who makes the most money for charity at the auction wins the show.
Full episodes Celebrity Antiques Road Trip

Restoration Roadshow had one season in 2010 on the BBC. Antique restorers invite the public to a ‘roadshow’ and bring along their damaged heirlooms to get them appraised and hopefully restored. Finally, the owners decide whether they want to keep them or sell them at auction.
Full episodes Restoration Roadshow

Australia's ABC network had Collectors, exploring the many aspects of collecting; from how to get started, tracking down a bargain, spotting a fake, and what's hot and what's not. After it was reported one of the 3 hosts was charged with accessing child pornography, the show went on hiatus and returned later for one more season with a replacement host. The shows team is currently working on a new show, Auctions, scheduled to air in 2012.
Full episodes Collectors

Pawnathon Canada was a tv event in Toronto of four days of ultimate pawning. Aired on Canadian History Channel. People bringing in their treasures to have them appraised and possibly bought by the Pawn Masters.
Full episodes of Pawnathon Canada.

Auctioneer$ uncovers the fast-paced world of auctions at one of the busiest auction houses in the country, Phoenix-based Auction Systems Auctioneers & Appraisers. TLC canceled the show after a few episodes.
No full episodes found online, clips on TLC site.

Pawn Queens Minda and Nicky reveal what it takes to run the only pawnshop that caters to women, as well as what's involved in the pawning process. TLC canceled the show after one season.
Full episodes Pawn Queens

Auction Packed followed the lives of the eclectic Savo family who run an auctioneering business in rural Pennsylvania. NatGeo cancelled the show after 3 episodes.
No full episodes online. Clips on National Geographic.

What the Sell?! Three women running a Chicago-area antiques store named the Perfect Thing appraise and sell miscellany. Canceled after one season on TLC.
Clips from What the Sell?!

Vintage 1960s television party people
Possible upcoming antique shows:

Oxygen is developing Thrift Wars, competitive thrift shopping series set in New York and follows hardcore thrifters that scour flea markets, warehouses and estate sales to see who can make the most money buying vintage designer wear in a given day.

A pilot for a show called Flea Market Wars has been taped in April in California. Celebrities will attend a flea market and pick an item from five different vendors. The catch is the guest isn’t allowed to spend more than $20 on an item. Those purchases will then be appraised for their value. At the end of the season, the celebrity with the most profit will win money for charity. No news if this is picked up by a channel yet.

UK's ITV channel will air new episodes of Secret Dealers. Three rival antique dealers doing battle in private homes for items they can sell. The competing dealers tour the house inspecting everything of value.

TruTV announced a new upcoming auction show called Container Wars. Will take place in a commercial shipping port. The cast will compete against each other to buy the contents of huge shipping containers that have come from all around the world. Similar to Storage Wars, Auction Hunters and Storage Hunters, but with shipping containers.

HGTV aired a sneak preview pilot of the upcoming series Junk Gypsies. Sisters and designer decorators Amie and Jolie Sikes find junk and use it to transform homes. Full series scheduled to air in Spring.
Full episode Junk Gypsies

The History Channel is casting to find America's Best Amateur Pickers. Reality competition show to become America's Top Picker. Series will be made by the producers of American Pickers. Working title Top Collector amateur teams of picking partners go looking for valuable items, and then have them appraised on the spot.

A new auction reality show was looking for strong, hot-headed, tough female bidders who love going to auctions, buying and flipping merchandise. No more news on this show being picked up.

This is a pretty complete list of antique tv shows, but if you know of one missing, please do let me know so i can add it here.

Continuously updated. Last update 6/1/2013.

July 15, 2011

Mice in my Mailbox!

vintage flocked mice figurines
Look what i found in my mailbox! A whole group of sweet vintage 2" miniature flocked mice figurines! ~ Squeak ~

They are totally adorable so we can't say goodbye to all of them. My husband picked out two to add to his vintage flocked animal collection. Of which he says i should take pictures and show here on the blog. And he is right.
Flocked animal collection photos coming up soon!

EDIT: Some of them are now listed in the shop! You can get one: http://www.etsy.com/listing/77811635 or multiple: http://www.etsy.com/listing/77842489
Who wants mice in their mailbox?