October 29, 2011

Went to Amsterdam and Thrifted

packed suitcase thrifting toys
Who needs clothes when you can fill a suitcase with vintage treasures? I did use a few pieces of clothing as safety wrapping for some breakables. But this was my suitcase a few days ago after my trip to Amsterdam.
There are some vintage items that will stay here in my personal collection, but most will go up in the shop. There are some great finds in there. Will show some of them soon. For now i'll share some pictures of thrifting treasures that i did not bring.
mid century mod vintage table thrift store
This table only needs a little TLC and it would be a prize possession! Look at that shape! And those legs! And how those drawers open! If it could only have fit in my suitcase...
vintage rocking horses thrift store
Even though i have no kids i would display a rocking horse like one of these in my living room. Not sure about their age, the one in the middle looked the oldest. I should have turned around that blue one in the back, it was an wooden rocking elephant!
dutch delftware delft blue dishes antique store
In a small antique shop just outside Amsterdam i found this table full of old Delftware pieces. So typical Dutch! I do have an appreciation for pretty Delft's Blue, but it's not totally my style and the breakable risk is high, so none of these finds went in my suitcase. (although i was walking around with the kissing couple figurine for a while before i decided against it and put it back)
antique olland grocery store scale
Only in my dreams would this huge shop scale fit in my suitcase and be under the airlines luggage weight limit.
antique vintage childrens books bookcase
My heart skipped a beat when i stood in front of this huge bookcase filled with antique children's books. No matter which one i pulled out, each one had amazing cover art. Again, that stupid airline luggage weight limit! Books are heavy. Oh the choices to make...
vintage enamel kitchen burners pots flea market
How do you call these? Vintage kitchen burners? To keep the food in your pots and pans warm, or a kettle of tea. There where many. Too many to choose from. I left them for someone else to find.
vintage enamel brabantia orange thrift shop
Dutch orange enamel Brabantia kitchenware always makes me happy. I would have emptied out this shelf was it not that this was on my last thrifting day and my suitcase was already pretty much full.

So far for my 'What-i-did-not-thrifted' pictures. But right now, next to me, on and around my desk are loads of wonderful thrift scores i did bring. All waiting to be photographed. Hoping for clear skies tomorrow so i can start and share!

October 10, 2011

He said sorry but I loved it - a vintage faucet story

vintage ceramic bathroom shower faucets
For awhile our shower faucets knobs had been leaking.
Finally we had enough of it and asked our super to take a look and see if he could fix it. The super is a sweetheart but he almost only speaks Spanish and i don't get much further than Cómo estás? Him and me talking is mostly a lot of laughing and hand gestures. Pointing to the leaking faucets knobs he said "yes, yes" he could fix it. He would replace them. I let him do his job and after a little while he called me to show his work. He had some sort of embarrassed grin on his face while saying "Fixed!" And making a semi proud tada!-gesture. I looked at the shower. No more leaks and gorgeous old porcelain faucets handles!
He said "Sorry... old faucets", but I loved them. I think he didn't understand, had a confused look and kept saying "sorry, old, old". I kept saying "its ok, bueno, bueno".
He left and I was a happy puppy.
Until the next day. Now it was the shower that was leaking. Time to call in the plumber.
He came in, took one look, and straight away wanted to break open the entire wall to replace those old faucet handles. Oh no! "I would like to keep those. I like them." The plumber looked even more confused them the super did. Wasn't my 40's hairdo styled in victory rolls sign enough to know I like things from the past? I didn't want an entire bathroom redo, and definitely didn't want to loose my beloved new old faucets! Eventually he fixed it by just putting new rubbers in. I saved our landlord a big plumber bill and my faucet handles are still in. Love! Ready to take a bath tonight. Oh yeah 3 cold 1 hot. I don't care. Adds to their character! I know there must be people out there who understand. Vintage porcelain shower faucet knobs are much better than new and chrome.