January 31, 2012

2nd world exhibition of photography: woman

ismoyo's vintage playground - big 60s hair photograph by Irving Penn for vogue
Great sculptural vintage hairstyle photographed by Irving Penn for French Vogue.

I kept telling myself to scan some of the gorgeous black and white photographs from the 2nd world exhibition of photography: woman book that i had for sale in the shop. When it sold just recently i had no more time to procrastinate on it.
The 60s exhibition catalog has such amazing vintage photos of beautiful women, this is my selection of favorites.
ismoyo's vintage playground - black white photo big hair 60s hairstyle french vogue model
Model with big hair by fashion photographer Franco Rubartelli for French Vogue.
ismoyo's vintage playground - sophia loren and carlo ponti at arabesque movie set 60s
Sophia Loren resting against Carlo Ponti in between scenes of the movie Arabesque at the Kremlin. Photgraphy by Tazio Secciaroli.
ismoyo's vintage playground - 60s model black white beauty shot portrait
Portrait of a Swedish girl by Kurt Berglund.
ismoyo's vintage playground - 60s photograph vintage life magazine fashion model
Model in mirror photographed by Henry Grossman for Life Magazine.
ismoyo's vintage playground - marisa mell at the casanova 70 movie set smoking
Actress Marisa Mell during the movie shoot for Casanova '70 in Rome by Tazio Secciaroli.
ismoyo's vintage playground - ormond gigly photographed the models at ford model agency ny 1960s
Ormond Gigly photographed the models at Ford Model Agency in New York in the 60s.
ismoyo's vintage playground - black white photograph model donyale luna
Model and actress Donyale Luna photographed by Charlotte March.

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lit-photography said...

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