October 06, 2012

Vintage Big Eyed Deer Figurines

I have vintage deer figurines displayed in our home all year round. But obviously around the holidays they will get a more prominent place. I especially like these type of plastic figures with their big eyes. They come in many sizes, from very small to fairly large. The smallest i have is just over one inch tall, the large momma measures 7". Even though she's cute with her big eyes, she does look a little angry. Maybe a little stressed out from having to watch so many kids?

Over time i gathered quite a few of them and occasionally i sell one or two in my shop. At the time i write this, there are two deers listed. Usually they are picked up pretty quick. Guess there are more people out there that like them as much as i do! I like that there are so many to collect, different sizes and different poses. There is one large standing deer that i'm still on the lookout for. That one is so poised and elegant. And there is another larger one that is kind of crouching down. That's not all, there is also a set of a standing mother with two small fawns on chains attached to her. Hopefully one day i'll reunite them all together in my collection!

And then there are these sequin embellished deers. I have two in my collection. These Christmas deer ornaments were sold without the embellishments as craft kits in the 1970's. So that's another thing i can add to my vintage wish list, to find one of those craft kits that hasn't been done yet.


Tizzalicious said...

Aww! The Christmas ones are so cute!

Julie Stanley said...

I have a mama deer with 2 fawns attached to her with chains and I cannot identify them or find anything like it on the net. They are on a wood base. Was hoping maybe you could give me some information on this piece.

Mod and Mint said...

Hi Julie,
I don't know exactly which deers you have without seeing them. I do know of vintage deers that come in a set of a mother with two fawns on chains. Handpainted orange plastic figurines. I haven't seen any on a wood base though.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic looking deer, I have always wanted to buy my GodMother one of those deer, are they for sale?? I could give you $20.00 for one of them, let me know soon, Thanks alot!

Mod and Mint said...

I just read your message on Etsy too, send you a convo message there!