November 13, 2012

Alain Gree The Childrens Book Illustrator

vintage alain gree childrens book
One of my favorite children's book illustrators must be the French writer and illustrator Alain Grée. Some of my favorite books from when i was little, were his Little Tom book series. I obviously read them in Dutch as 'Kleine Tom' and originally they were called 'Petit Tom'. His books were translated in 20 different languages so many kids all over the world could enjoy the great illustrations. Popping with color and cuteness.
With a little luck you can still find his vintage children's books in thrift stores or vintage shops. A few years ago he licensed his illustrations for new merchandise and re-issues of his classic books. More Alain Gree is a good thing, but for now i'll cherish the books from my childhood past.
I'll leave you with a little clip of Monsieur Grée drawing one of his adorable illustrations.


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