December 08, 2012

Vintage Christmas Wrapping Paper

vintage christmas wrapping paper candles
I'm a bit of a graphic design nerd. I might not do a lot of designing myself lately, but i still often dream in color compositions.
If i would dream of Christmas gift wrap, i would dream about vintage Christmas wrapping paper designs.
vintage christmas wrapping paper candles
Over time i have gathered quite a few of these wonderful sheets of paper.
Just the fact that someone bought them years ago, to pack their presents with, had a few sheets left, never threw them out, but instead kept them, maybe for next year. And then probably forgot about them when they were neatly stored away.
vintage Christmas gift wrap peace love happiness
I have never been able to get myself to actually use them. Even though i think the packages would look amazing wrapped in them under the Christmas tree, i just can't put the scissors in to them.
vintage Christmas gift wrap ornaments
I thought of maybe one day using them in my collage journals, or maybe framing them as Christmas wall art, but so far i did the same thing as the person who originally bought them; neatly stored them away.
vintage christmas wrapping paper red ornaments
So this year i said enough is enough. They need to get some more love. I have to send them out in to the world to new loving homes. To people who might really use them. Or not. Maybe the next person who owns these treasures will also just store and cherish them. And that is okay. They are beautiful as they are.
vintage christmas wrapping paper trees
This is just a sampling of the papers i have. Or should i say had. They are listed in the Holiday section of the shop. Some of them already found new homes. And i can still look at them right here.
I say goodbye and thank you for the great design inspiration dreams.


MySpecialAgent said...

They're all so pretty! And at least you have digital copies.

Mod and Mint said...

Yes, happy with that.
And i did keep just a few for myself. ;)