January 05, 2013

Facebook Photos on the Blog

ismoyo's vintage playground: 50s 45rpm record don't whistle at me baby
Gem from my Vintage 1950s record collection "Don't Whistle at me Baby"

When i started this blog it was 2005 and times were different.. Days were spent without tweeting or checking statuses on Facebook. Nobody was pinning pictures.
I'm not saying that those days were better. It was just different. I like Pinterest, i've been tweeting for about 4,5 years now, and i'm on Facebook, although that's a love/hate affair.

ismoyo's vintage playground: box of mystique romance mystery novels
Had nothing more to read... until the box of a little under a 100 vintage mystique mystery romance novels arrived!

My blog is my first and true and only and for always.
But there are times that i just want to show something real quick, maybe say, 'hey look at what i found', and not write an entire article about it.
For short updates i tend to skip the blog and go straight to twitter or facebook, depending on what it is, or in what kind of mood i am in.
Because of this there are some photos that never make it on to the blog. But do deserve a spot. And that's where this whole story was leading up to.
Facebook photo's on my blog.

ismoyo's vintage playground: mod orange mid century gilbert softlite mushroom lamp
I love my new vintage mushroom table lamp! A Gilbert Softlite from 1973.

And of course, if you don't want to hold out and wait till the next time i post some of the face photos on the blog, just hop on over and like the vintage playground page. (i have occasional vintage giveaways on the Facebook as well!) Looking forward to seeing you there too!
ismoyo's vintage playground: mod home decor - green stool plant stand side table
Vintage acquisition for the home! Green plastic (foot)stool/plant stand/side table with storage space inside! Very mod and very multi purpose!


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