March 23, 2013

Production Company looking for Collectors for new TV Show

vintage rca tv
Do you own an impressive Pop Culture Memorabilia Collection?
Would you like to show it off to the world?
Have it appraised? Discover its real value?

I was recently contacted by Handel Productions, a Canadian-based Television Production Company. They are developing a television series and are seeking avid pop culture memorabilia collectors and active buyers/sellers of pop culture items who can evaluate the value of pre-owned collectibles and original memorabilia.

If you are interested and want a shot of showing your collection off on tv, email the following information to :
1) Name, age, location and contact information
2) 3-5 photos of you and your collection
3) A brief description of how you started your collection and why you are an avid pop culture memorabilia enthusiast.

Note: Applicants must be English speakers and live in Canada, U.S.A. or the United Kingdom.
Submissions are due by Tuesday, March 26th, 2013.

If you decide to apply, good luck and i'll be watching!



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