August 13, 2013

ismoyo is getting a little helper

ismoyo's vintage playground: vintage Whitman childrens book Baby Says Hi
I don't know if there are still a lot of people reading this blog, i can't say i have been very active here. I'm definitely still online, but more present in my Etsy shop, on Facebook, Pinterest, and a little bit of twitter here and there. But i have some big news that i think i should share here, since i have been sharing a lot of major life events on my blog in the last 8 years.

So without further ado, i am happy to announce i am pregnant with a little baby boy!
Not sure what to add to this news. It's big and wonderful on its own.
My husband and i have been looking forward to this moment for a long time and i still can't really believe this is happening.
January 2014 will be super special for us. 14 Year Anniversary that hubby and i met, 8 year Wedding Anniversary, and the Birth of our Baby.
I'm extremely excited.

I am not planning on doing a bunch of baby food posts or round ups of the best cribs available, there are many terrific blogs out there that do a great job providing those who want with lots and lots of baby related info. But it probably goes without saying, that over the next few months there will most likely be some Vintage baby related posts here and on the Facebook.

Now i'm going to lay down a bit and wait for dinner to be delivered. Baby likes Japanese food! (no not eating raw fish, don't worry!)

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